Saturday, July 11, 2009


My sister came to my house for a night out in the country. We went to the little coutry bar where my daughter bar tends. I love this place. It is like Cheers. Sis loved it too. The owners wanted us to come to a post 4th of July party with them but she and I just wanted to build a fire and go for a walk and then sit by the fire until it burned out.

I got the walking stick and she practiced being a ninja.

Stuey loved the trip in the country as he is a city dog.
He got attacked by a kitty right away...a very tough kitty.

Then he got to meet a horse with a big nose....

and two cows....they smelled just like Aunt Tracy's shoes.

He was so tired he laid by the fire until the two women were done talking and the sun was long gone and then went in and fell asleep on the memory foam mattress.

Life in the country is not all roughin it.

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