Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today I got to hear a very wonderful thing in my sisters voice. A small amount of hope. Today the doctors told her that they saw improvement in her son's xray. It has been so long since I heard that sound. It was so wonderful!

Home: I have been watching craigslist for cardboard because I found out the hard way that thick newspaper doesn't control bermuda grass at all. As you know I got tons of rocks in Oklahoma last weekend. I wanted to place layered cardboard under them to control weeds. I
will also put them around the outside of the raised beds because of how I am battling that grass too. I mentioned this to my mail room staff and they showed me a huge pile of old computer boxes that they had been putting off throwing away because of how much room they
take in the dumpster. woohoo! I flattened about 8 but ran out of lunch hour.

I went to the dentist after work and ran errands and then got home around 5:45pm Lots of time to work. I took the boxes and cut them to fit the areas in the front flower beds that I needed to keep weeds out, then put the rocks on top along the edge. I have not cleaned the area up yet and when it rains the rocks will look better as they have whitish dirt on

The cardboard showing on the outside will breakdown and eventually I will trim it back. Right now it's job is to kill the perimeter grass.
Then I took the tractor and trailer back to the compost pile and filled the trailer twice with wonderful compost and dumped it in the flower beds out front. I was tired after hauling rock and shovelling compost so I decided to mow til dark.

I have a load of laundry in and am resting a while and then will go out and check the chickens and fill foods and waters. I am very excited about this cardboard. It is very
thick and I feel as if I am doing something helpful to the environment by reusing instead of throwing it away.

Tomorrow I have to trim the St Augustine which is trailing across the side walk and clean up a bit. Then I will continue to mow.

I am very excited because my sister may be spending the night with me on Saturday night. Just a little trip to the country.


Peggy said...

you are such a busy lady! flowerbed look great

Faith said...

So happy about your sister and nephew!

I hope the cb works on the grass. It is tenacious stuff. Keep us updated.

I used it, with about 6 inches of mulch, to lay over turf so we could plant a garden last year, poking holes for the plants.