Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well just like everything else in TX, after being 80 degrees for 2 days, we woke this morning to roaring N winds and dropping temps. Clouds are racing across the sky in an attempt to flee. This will not be a good day for my protectors to play outside.

They seem to know this. As they woke, they brought their blankets quietly into the living room and sat in front of the fireplace. The room is quiet as they eat orange slices. Just the sound of the wind and the pinging of the warming fireplace.

Jayden quietly asks how Santa comes down the chimney. I advice him that, although I have tried many times to catch him, I never have, so I don't know. That seems to satisfy him for now.

I can remember no better memories than sitting in front of a fire at my Granny Browning's house. I am so glad I can provide these memories for my grand boys.

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