Saturday, January 17, 2009

2am With a really sick child and farm naming

I am sitting hear posting while listening to my daughter talk softly to her youngest son who is running a fever and coughing sharply. I haven't heard the sound of croup in a long time. Poor baby feels very bad. He will need lots of home made organic broth tomorrow.

As I sit hear, looking at the embers of the dying fire, marveling at how warm the livingroom still is, I am thinking that I need to give my farm an official name.

I would love to hear your ideas on this. Peggy has Hidden Haven, Jenna has Cold Antler, so I want my farm to have it's own unique name.

Maybe I need to wait until it naturally develops, but I would rather choose it based on my dreams.

I am not very inventive. I need ideas!


Patrice Farmer said...

You have chickens but are you planning on having any other animals? And what are your goals in farming? That could help with coming up with a name...

If I had a farm it would be easy having the name(s) in my family...we're Barnes, Farmer, that's easy. My mother's maiden name is Barnes, she married a Farmer. I'm a Farmer that had a child with a MacDonald, whose legal name is Farmer-MacDonald, so it would be the Farmer-MacDonald farm-lol!

PEA said...

Since it's always been your dream to have a farm, how about Dream Acres?

Your poor little grandchild, I do hope he feels better real soon! I remember my son Corey having the croup a couple of times when he was a young child and it sure was no fun. xoxo

Patrice Farmer said...

Yeah, I hope he'll be fine. I'm sure your broth will help a great deal.


Patrice that is quite a family tree!!! My heritage is through WV and my mom is a McCoy, and my dad is a Hatfield. My maiden name is Browning. My granny's farm where i have the fondest memories are in Matewan WV. my brain hurts