Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok so as the rain started coming down harder, and the temps continue to drop, I realized I had unwinterized the back faucet and had to go out in the dark, cold and try to fix that. Too late! In the pouring wintery mix of rain, snow and sleet, I found that the hose was frozen onto the faucet. I could not find my channle locks to break it loose so all I could do was duct tape a thick towel around it to try and protect it.

During that I realized that ice was freezing in layers on everything. In this type of situation I could very well lose power from tree limbs falling onto power lines. I had to get that fire started.

I took 3 dry pieces of wood and put them in a bucket and poured kerosene on them and let them soak. During this I took ashes and scattered them on the front steps hopefully to keep them clear of ice. 15 min later I brought in the wood and voila! As I am getting ready to post, the wind is kicking up bad. Wind and frozen branches just don't mix.

Let there be fire!

Always having a fire makes me want to bake bread. Well instead I started a sourdough starter. My daughter will have to feed it to keep it alive while I am gone....and feed the chickens too. I am sure she will.

Thanks to Distinctly Different Homestead: FORGOTTEN COUSIN SOURDOUGH BREAD


Patrice Farmer said...

You're leaving already to visit your son. Time flies by. I hope you have a great visit.


Thank you. I know we will. I can't wait to take them out to Hidden Haven and let them play with baby goats. I can't wait to see Peggy too.