Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday Chores and Slow Sourdough

Well, my sourdough starter has done nothing. I am convinced that I can salvage it. So I fed it and I poured it back and forth from one container to another for oxygen. If this doesn't work I will go online and resort for purchasing a dry starter.

Ok tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. As of 3pm or so I will be at my sisters house watching all the pre game hype. Oh Come On. You all know I am an avid Cowboy fan. But who can not watch the Super Bowl? You know most women watch it for the commercials.

But before I can even think about going over I have farm chores to do and also I have to get ready and pack for my trip to NC to see my son and his wife; sooooo you all guessed it. I am posting my to do list for tomorrow.

1 (the hardest one) don't touch the computer
2 start laundry (STARTED)
3 wash the seed starting tray (DONE)
4 move the failed winter garden frame out to the garden area. I will use this as a support for another climbing veggie. (DONE)
5 pick up trash in the front yard and fill the bird feeders (DONE)
6. ! take the lids off of all the latex paint cans. This will dry the insides so the paint can be peeled off. As an alternative cook plan, i am keeping 4 empty paint cans and will put holes along the top and bottom. These will hold fire and a pan can be placed on top to cook. (DECIDED THIS COULD WAIT)
7 move brush from around the wild plums to the burn pile (DONE!)
8 rake up the comost into one large pile. or move it to another location (DONE)
9 drill holes in the lid of the new seed tray (DONE)
10 clean the chicken house
11 clear out the area under the shelves by the chicken house.
12. move one set of shelves there.
13 load all actual tools into my new tool box and move that out onto those shelves
14 box remaining firewood and place on the front porch
15 make celery sticks/cream cheese for the party
16 water the pine trees (DECIDED THIS COULD WAIT)
17 pack my suit case (DELAYED UNTIL MONDAY PM)
18 clean out car, my purse and my wallet (DELAYED UNTIL MONDAY PM)

Well the very first thing of course is homemade pancakes for the grand kids with warm honey butter, and a side dish of spam and eggs. Cold orange juice and cold milk.

Yes it is a lot and you all know I won't complete the full list. But you know what? Most of this is outside and it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow and while I am doing this.....I will be listening to the sound of my grand kids laughing running and playing.


Patrice Farmer said...

This is your to-do-list for one day. That would be my list for the week!

Hope you enjoy the game, I'll be watching anything but-lol.



ChristyACB said...

That is an amazing list for one day when you are also planning on a social event!

Does your list look like that every day?

littlegreengardengal said...

I made my sourdough starter last summer from following the directions at this page, except I did mine with whole wheat flour. I think I went through the throw half away and feed process for about 2 weeks before I began baking with it, even though it appeared to be done before that- I just wanted to make sure it was really ready. It is still going strong and the only ingredients are flour and water.