Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well they closed work today at 2pm. I expected it since we have ice storm warnings for N TX. I was scared to drive home but didn't encounter anything iced over...not even the High 5 at 75 and 635! I got home in 45 minutes but found that I had forgotten to bring in the starter wood and pine cones I use to start the fire in the stove. I have tried everything I can and can't get the fire started.

Last resort...I went to the garage to get kerosene and found that my can was missing.

So I am bundled up in sweats and socks and waiting for the starter wood to dry out.

In the mean time....dinner is a bowl of HOT home made lintel veggie soup with corn, okra, garlic, tomatoes, and lintels. And with that two pieces of hot home made corn bread.

Later I will make a pot of hot Mexican cocoa, and will watch the two movies I just got from Netflix....No Country for Old men, and In Pursuit of Happyness.

Outside it is still misting and drippy but the temp is at 33 degrees. It will start freezing soon I think...or snowing.


Patrice Farmer said...

That looks good. And I love the Pursuit of Happiness but it is so sad for awhile...not to ruin it fo you though-oops!

Peggy said...

Tracy, put a little veggie oil on your wood and then light it. I have resorted to that when I let my starter get wet. It does fine. You can even use a little motor oil if you have that.

PEA said...

Oh dear, I'm happy you're home safe and sound instead of out there where the weather is nasty! I do hope you were able to start your fire. We have an oil furnace and the darn thing conked out on us this afternoon so it was getting mighty cold in the house. Luckily, the repair man was able to come over and repair it:-) xoxo


Oh Pea my gosh as cold as it is up there!!!! I am really glad it got fixed. Peggy at this point I think I am just going to go in my room where it is warm. And Patrice....holy cow if you haven't watched No country for Old Men...DON'T. How freaking depressing. I am glad you told me about Pursuit of Happiness. I can't take any more tonight. I will have to wait. I may send it back w/out watching it.