Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Storage: For Stock Up and Homemade Laundry Detergent

Today I completed one of my "To Do's". I painted the shelves I had salvaged from my rental house and moved them into the kitchen. Pray that there is still room for the freezer. Once I am sure I have room for both, I will secure the shelf to a stud and it will be ready to start filling up. I am so happy about this. Not that I will be able to fill up quickly. Lately it seems we are living off the supplies and they are dwindling faster than I can re-stock.

Friday afternoon I went shopping with the help of The Thrifty Florida Mama as well as other bloggers who help co-ordinate coupons and sales, I saved 19.99 at Walgreens with bogo plus duplicate coupons and store coupons on cleaning items, also sales on some canned meat (which I won't eat but others will). Then I used some coupons at Kroger and shopped only sale items and saved another 9.99 there. I spent less and brought home more than I usually do.

After the grandboys went home, I got out the ingredients to make Powdered Laundry Detergent:

1.5 c grated ivory or fels naptha soap-finely grated

3/4 c washing soda

3/4 c borax

I use 2 T per load. 1 T if it is a light load.

This costs about $1.10 per recipe. That is about 24 loads + .05 per load.


Anonymous said...

May I ask how you store your detergent? Does it keep well in a cardboard box like commercial soaps or does it need an airtight container such as a large plastic tub? I've just seen another detergent recipe from The Beehive Cottage which makes quite a large amount, but yours sounds a bit more practical for just two people!

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Anonymous said...

Oops, another question. Have you any idea if homemade detergents are suitable for modern washing machines? They don't clog them up or leave dirt in them, especially in hard water? How about cleaning? Colours aren't dull? Whites aren't gray?

Many thanks,

Faith said...

I haven't noticed. I hope you are tagging your posts so I can come back and find this recipe. Every time I see this recipe, I say, "I really need to make that..." But I've never seen the Fell's anywhere, so it's going to take some forethought and planning.