Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wow we were really in a deep freeze here this morning. Ok for all of you under sub-zero temps elsewhere in the world....deep freeze TX style is in the 20's. We had freezing rain from 5pm yesterday mixed with sleet until 3am or so.

I know it causes accidents because people don't get smart and stay home but it really is beautiful. I know it can't be seen clearly in the photos but the trees look like they are made out of glass.

It was so cold and gross out that we brought the outside kitty inside. Her name is Fat Girl and she is a very wonderful kitty. She kills rats by the dozens and brings them to you as whole gifts...not in pieces. She purrs and happy feets if you just look at her. She has "lovey eyes" when you look at her. And she was soooo appreciative of being in the warm house.

Got the fire going easily this morning because of a wonderful bed of hot coals. Made coffee, emailed my boss to let him know that I could not make it in, checked emails and then made a great breakfast.

I know I shouldn't love this breakfast. But I do. Spam and Eggs. It is one of my favorites so I only have it about twice a year. You know that that kind of canned meat can not be that good for you. But mixing it with organic farm fresh eggs makes it better right???

Oh and take a good look at the eggs in the bowl. Note two things. The color of the yolk is light yellow instead of orange. This is because I have re-penned my free ranging hens until I get the garden fence put up. Next....look at the yolk on the right. It is not round but oblong. I just thought it was cool.

Ok so it doesn't take much to keep me entertained.
***Here are more pics from my walk about****

No Ice on the pond.


Peggy said...

your ice storm is beautiful. Its 72F here today. I hope we have a little more winter before spring gets here

Patrice Farmer said...

My eggs are the same color too.