Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well this morning I made a run and got about 200#+ rabbit poo and put them on the raised garden beds. Then I mixed the last bag with the last ring of compost. Mousies went scurrying in all directions. Flash loves it when I mix up the compost.

Filled the oyster shell container in the hen house. Today I made a hard decision. I decided that I will leave the chickens up from now on. They are digging huge holes in the front flower beds and have dug holes in the garlic bed. Since this garden is more of a need instead of a want, I need to protect it and them. So they will stay up for now.

After I got the outside stuff that I wanted to get done...done, I started a fire in the stove. I could have done without it but I needed it to help the bread to rise.

New Recipe. This is french. And oh man is the crust hard and will be very crunchy when we cut it. I am baking for the whole week. I won't bake again until next weekend. I think this will be a weekend thing.

Now summer is coming. I have to figure out how to use a solar oven to bake bread.


Peggy said...

I am enjoying a small fire myself. Don't really need it but I do love one in the evening.


...sometimes it is worth opening all the windows just to have one. Firewood is scarce here though. I am searching craigslist constantly for free cut firewood.

Faith said...

I've always wanted to build a solar oven. Have a lot of plans, but haven't done it yet.