Saturday, January 10, 2009


William is Peggy's husband. He is a truck driver and some of you are familiar with them. Peggy emailed me and said that William was going to be driving through my area and he may be able to get my old beast of a tiller working!

So we found a local truck stop for him to park at, I went and got him but it was almost too dark to work on the tiller. I cooked him homemade chili, cornbread and a carrot walnut cake, let him take a shower so he wouldn't have to use the truck stop shower, but he said he would need to work on the tiller the next time he came through! (Hmmmmm I think William just likes homemade chili!!!! lol)

I got to show him the chicken house and the garden area, the future orchard. I really love that he was able to stop through this time. And next time the beast will be running and I might just put him to work tilling the garden!

Peggy says he knows how to fix just about everything. With a honey do list like I have, I hope he has a lot of Dallas runs!!!

Well time to do dishes, and sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa. It is going to be 24 degrees tonight. I imagine I will use up the rest of my firewood.

Thank you again William and Peggy!


Patrice Farmer said...

Thats really nice.

Peggy said...

That tiller is leading a charmed life just sitting there!


lol. I agree to both you. It is really nice that William will take his time out to help people and that tiller should feel privilaged to till Tracy's garden!! Ok so i hope tillers don't read!