Thursday, January 29, 2009


All I can say is I wish you were all here for dinner.

I don't know if it is because I am so hungry, or if this beef is just that good.

I had to work til 8:45. Got home at 9:45 (yuk) and I was starving.

I didn't feel like cooking anything complicated. So I decided on burgers. Not the kind on the grill...that would have taken too much time getting the charcoal ready. The fried in the pan kind. With a slice of cheese on top. Not served on a bun but with a bed of brown rice and soy sauce. Holy Cow I wish you were here!

This is the next to the last package of Rehoboth Ranch meat. Time to place an order.

Now on to the wings.....

When I left for work I peeked out back and what did I see? My beautiful white chicken walking around the back yard trying to figure out how to get back in the hen house. Well I knew she needed her family and there was no way this old girl is up to chasing a young chicken around so I simply opened the hen house. Stud Muffin came running out, went straight to her...scolding her madly for being such a wild woman and then his growls instantly turned to coooing as he found her some tiny greens growing in front of the hen house.

Her sisters came running out right after trying to find out what the hoopla was all about. So you know what time it is....time to clip the wings.

ha thought I meant the eatin kind didn't ya???

Anyway, just before I cooked dinner I got my gear together. Flash light...check Candy Striped scissors that I got from Pea in Peggy's stocking swap this Christmas....check

I went to the hen house and found everybody safe and sound...shut the door front and back cause it was down right chilly. Then I turned off the hen house light. Turned on the flash light and hid it under the nest boxes. Stud Muffin began to softly growl at me. A tiny mousie ran from his hiding place under the nests and down his hole. I started with my white beauty and softly picked them up one by one. They hardly made a noise...just a slightly offended sound at being picked up in their sleep...then little sleepy sounds as I carefully spread out one wing and clipped the flight feathers. Just one wing remember. If you cut both they can still fly.

The last one was fat lazy (smart) Oreo...who had decided to sleep in the nest box on top of her egg....hmmmm...I will have to watch that. Then I gathered my one egg....turned the light back on and left. My job was done without so much as a squak; Stud Muffin however crowed twice as I walked away...then he realized it was too early to wake up the sun and went back to sleep.

Cool night. The house is mine but dirty. Not sure if I have enough energy to wash dishes and clean the living room. When I came home there were newspapers scattered all over the floor. They had been stacked neatly when I left and I wondered what had happened.

About half way through dinner Flash came tearing into the kitchen with his ears back, his tail poofed and his "I am the lion king" look on his face. He reversed and tore into the living room (scattering the newspapers) up on to the couch, along the back, down my recliner and back down the hall....question answered.

Have a blessed day


Patrice Farmer said...

The burger looks good...wish I could eat it. And you tricked me with the Funny.

I love those names...Stud Muffin-lol.

Peggy said...

I need to clip some wings too. Your burgers look so good! I had pinto beans and cornbread for supper. Was going to cook a porkchop but was just too lazy

Peggy said...

I have never been close to chicken rearing and am completely amazed at the wing clipping exercise! The burgers do look good and substantial too.

Peggy said...

Hi tracy, I have given your blog an award if you visit you can read about it and pick it up


Thank you Peggy!! I have never gotten an award. I don't know how to post it on blog though.

Peggy 2 (lol) Beans and cornbread sounds wonderful too.

Patrice! I am so sorry. I forgot you can't eat beef! How could I forget that? You just posted on it!

Peggy said...

Hi Tracy, I know I was at a loss at first about how to do it!
First, right click on the photo of the award, a window should open with instructions, save it to your computer and then you can add it to your customize part of your blog.
This is the slow part:On your new post icons there should be one for adding a link, you highlight the name, say mine for the link back and in the drop down box which appears put in
When your post is published my name should be highlighted and once clicked on should open to my blog.
At the top of each blog you read the http://and name should appear, this is the link you type in for each name you want to add.
Don't worry about it just put the award photo up on your blog anyway. What I used to do before I learned to link was to just type in the blog site address and if anyone wanted to copy it and visit they could.
You deserve the award for the amount of work you do and I love reading your latest exploits! Nothing seems to faze you, you just figure out a way to go and do it.
Best wishes