Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well Santa came today and I helped him put up cabinets in the front of the chicken house. These are salvaged cabinets that came from my old house that I sold and that was going to be bulldozed.

I will be able to keep chicken meds, first aid kit, and assorted stuff in there.

The rest of the cabinets will go into the garage part of the shed for garage stuff.

I painted one wall in the kitchen in preparation to receive my dad's freezer that he is giving me. I will also be pulling in a book shelf (also salvaged from the old house) and put it on the same wall if it will fit. This shelf will hold all of my jars of canned produce from my garden. (optimistic aren't it?) or all of the things I am stocking up on in preparation for the disaster our economy will become in the next year.

Tonight I am stressing badly about money. Why didn't I pay off all of my credit cards instead of going to the movies, eating out, etc. I could have done much better with my money last spring and summer.

Thank goodness I love cabbage and ham.


Patrice Farmer said...

You still didn't send Santa this way!!!


lol. I soon as i am done with him!!!