Sunday, May 9, 2010


I got to sleep in until 7:30 am this morning. After getting up to move the truck under cover due to an incoming storm at 4am that is...good thing I did because it hailed. J the oldest grand son wanted to sleep with me last night but his bedtime was before mine. When I got to bed he obviously had been reading instead of going to sleep.

This morning he admitted to reading and went to get the book he had read. Here it is:

He said he read the whole thing. Big book. 172 pages. So I drilled him. Every time I asked what a picture was he knew and told me the whole story. When we got to the sparkly twisted strands on a page midway through the book and I asked him what that was...and he said "dragon DNA"...I gave up. I do believe if he did not read the whole book he at least read a good portion of it. He is 8 years old. I asked him what DNA was and he said it was what makes up everything. This kid is amazing.

When you ask the youngest if he loves God he gets bubbly and says yes and talks about sun beams being where God is touching the earth. When you ask J he wants details about who God is, how he created everything, why he would give up the throne to become a baby, why he loves us. There is something amazing about J.

As usual we did things to prep for our upcoming vacation next month. The boys got out their memory foam rolls, unrolled them, laid their bedrolls on top and their favorite stuffed toys and then rolled them back up so they are ready to go. They know that each night when we set up camp they have to help me set up the tent and then roll out their beds, and in the morning they must roll up their beds and put them in the truck before they can play.

We talked about how we will cook at the camp grounds. I don't have a cook stove and had considered buying one since they are not very expensive. Then we decided to make a hobo stove. We will take 3 with us as well as a tinder box, kindling box including larger sticks which are good for this type of stove, and our own fire wood.

They worked very hard.

We cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs with salsa and pancakes for my daughter this morning. The she got a cool box stuffed full of home made pictures from all of us.

And this evening I met my parents and my sister at The Blue Oyster for dinner. Yikes it was expensive (for me anyway) but Oh my gosh with each bite we moaned our amazement. This appetizer is yukon gold potatos with some kind of sauce and blue cheese on top.

Dad had trout, mom had lobster macaroni and cheese, sis had tenderloin and I had buffalo burger. Sis and I shared a creme brule and mom and dad shared an adult smore with peanut grahm crust, a peanut brownie middle only it was gooey, and home made marshmallow on top.

I feel like a tick.


Faith said...

What a head for details J's got! I can picture you doing that. LOL

Sounds like a camping vacation coming up. :o) You guys are going to have so much fun. I love camping. You may do a better job teaching them that Boy Scouts. Nothing like hands on in a small setting with few distractions.

Those potatoes and sauce are making me hungry~


Sissy said...

Your comments on my blog revealed the sorrow and sadness your sister, you and your family have experienced with your loss of this beautiful young man. Thank you for telling me about him, although it causes pain for me also. Dear God, what a terrible loss for his mother. She must be so very strong to just go on day to day. Losses in our lives are the hardest matters to cope with, aren't they? Sometimes for me, it seems that's all there is: loss and more loss.
Thank you so very much for telling me. I can now read more with a better understanding of the situation. Bless you.


Faith I can not wait to teach and learn with them! I have so much to do to get ready; Sissy, isn't there a verse somewhere that our suffering has a reason? So that we are ready to help those who are put in our future paths?

My sister began an internal mourning 5 years ago when he first became ill. She would never let it out though. She truly was his champion and his hero all the way to the last second of his life. I am very proud to call her my sister.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great Mother's day. I'll keep your sister in my prayers.