Saturday, May 8, 2010


Sorry I didn't have time to take photos! They were scarfing it by the time I got home. J made homemade pizza all by himself! And he made a chocolate cherry dump cake. It is cooling right now and smells so good.

I went with my sister so that she would have moral support while she got a tattoo. This isn't just a mid life crisis. This is special.

She and her son had an inside joke. He heard the song The Rose one night online and had never heard it before. It is such a chick song and so mushy that he was embarrassed that he liked it.

But then she would hear him singing to it and they would sing to it together.

So this rose is for Michael. We miss him so much.

On another emotionally trying note...I had to give away my horse today.

Sometimes you have (or your horse has) worn out their welcome and you don't even know it. Then it slaps you in the face. After 5 years of feeding animals for the owner of the barn where Sweetheart was, they suddenly began to treat me as if I were a criminal or bad person. So I made a call and gave her to my grandboys other grandfather. He is a good horse man and he will train her so the boys can ride her.

Although I know I will get to see her, to be treated this way after so long, by people who should know me was very traumatizing. He threw out the fact that he could be charging $350 per month for her to stay there but wasn't.

And so I am horse-less


Sissy said...

Do you recall the first post about your nephew. I would like to read all of them. Have browsed/skimmed several months of posts so far, not finding a first post.

I read your blog every update but looks like it will be winter before I can begin at the beginning and read my way forward.
Work is hogging my every minute practically. Course, I move slowly and don't get much done.

I did a post this week on my venture with raised beds. I'm not having good luck. I noticed yours has double walls. Will you explain?
Do your beds dry out quickly? Or maybe you can guide me to find someone who is an old hand with them. This is my first effort. Soil depth?

Reading 2009 posts; ah, what a beautiful granddaughter. They don't stay small long enough for me.

Faith said...

What a beautiful story. The ache in your hearts from having to let him go must hurt. You will see him one day soon, I truly believe.

I'm so sorry you had to let Sweetheart go. The people who boarded her had no explanation for why their behavior had changed?

So glad you found a good home for her that you will be able to visit and she will be challenged and loved.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Faith (comment above) said it all. Beautiful rose tatoo, a special memory for her, for sure. And so sorry about your horse. A difficult day, to be sure.


Oh sissy I understand about work. I will find it as it was around last june that he broke his back and I will go to your post and add the link.

On most of my beds I use 2x10x8 foot boards and the ends are 2x10x4 foot. Yes raised beds always dry out quicker so adding vermiculite to the soil and mulching heavily will help retain moisture. rich dirt is also important. A mix of good top soil, vermiculite, and compost is good. Some green sand also. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Remember though you can do raised beds without boards. Check out Faiths blog. She has a great garden


Faith, they had none. I asked them what had suddenly changed and they said "nothing" although their actions said otherwise.

The timing was Gods. I have asked this man before if he wanted her and he said he didn't have time to work with her. So I guess he has time now? I am just glad because it was hard to get her in the trailer because of my emotional state. She was reading me like a book and broke loose twice and ran back to the barn.


Thank you farmgirl and all for the nice words about our Michael.

Anonymous said...

I love tattooes, I have several tattooes myself. The pizza sounded good too.