Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have nothing left and I still have to go feed horses. You can't walk into my kitchen...all of the kitchen belongings were taken there as I cleaned the other rooms. I still have the laundry room, guest bath and guest bedroom to go.

Then I start outside!

Big change though...the bunnies are no longer inside. I can not believe how dirty they are. Their potty doesn't stay in the cage! And the dust they put out was amazing.

I washed down all of the woodworks and furniture in the living room and vacumed twice. I finally feel that I have my living room back!

They will not like it outside this summer but the hot tub will shade them during the hot part of the day.

While cleaning I found a heavy metal box. When I opened it I found my flint and bone collection. We had a deer lease in the 80's that had an old indian camp on it. I spent my time hunting arrow heads while my husband hunted or slept. I will put these here for now but will make a small cactus garden in a pretty pot soon.


Faith said...

Michael and I were talking about raising rabbits again, for meat. We were thinking of NZ and Ca breeds.

What have you got there, and what are you going to use them for?

I was going to build cages, but it looks like I'd have to order the wire. I am reluctant to buy a bunch of mismatched used cages here and there, though that would probably be the cheapest way to go.

Great job on the spring cleaning! Awesome!



Faith I intend to raise meat rabbits starting next year, so I got some little lion head rabbits this year for my grand sons so they can have pets that are cute and won't be eaten. They are simply fertilizer producers.

I will probably start with some kind of cheaper cross while I am in the learning stages. Once I know what i am doing I will put money into breeding stock. Now that I have the garden closer, I am thinking about maybe getting some meat chicks, and a turkey or two in July when I get back from the vacation I have planned with my grandsons to KY. I am blessed with a retired rabbit farmer not too far from me who now only makes cages. I plan on picking his brain when I go to get some more cages from him. He is very cheap. A good breeder sized cage is only 12-15 dollars.

Faith said...


No stinkin' WAY!!! Can I order from him?

What size? I was hoping for about 30 inches deep and 35 inches wide. We want 22 of them.

We'd like two bucks and ten does, breeding every 8 weeks and butchering at 12 weeks. We want to set up for that, but begin breeding slowly to work up to it. It's cheap meat, and when things get really screwy, we can barter meat for other needs.

.... I don't smoke, but I often think about stocking up on cigs, for barter later. LOL

Have you done a search online for purchasing a rabbit carcass? Over 40 dollars. That could really help us out these days. And my soil could sure use those bunny peas.

Hey, will you come through this way on your trip to KY?


Sissy said...

Ah, just amazing you are...say, would you be for hire? My home is neglected...badly! :>) Just wish I had a Michael too...lucky you.

Anonymous said...

They look so nice. And what a treasure to find again!


Faith if you haven't looked at this web site, I would recommend it. I bought this dvd and you really get an amazing amount of information in the form of video and documents on turning your back yard into a fully producing farm:

she shows you how to butcher a rabbit and talks about how to produce your own rabbit food.

Remind me what state you are in. I have two weeks off and other than hitting Crater of Diamonds state park who knows where we will end up.


Sissy, if (I mean when)I get this spring cleaning done...I swear this house will never get dirty again because I HATE SPRING CLEANING! As far as outside work...I am always up for hire! lol


Frugal Gravy it really was. I love rocks anyway, but flint is my all time favorite. One day I want to make a trip out by palo duro canyon because there is an active flint mine there and I believe they teach classes on flint knapping--it's on my bucket list :)

Faith said...

I'm way over in east TN, probably out of your way, sadly.

I've been to that site. I raised lots of rabbits as a teenager, so I'm familiar with them, I just never butchered them to eat. I did try to tan some pelts of some that happened to die, but was not very successful.

Hmmmmm... Looking back, I don't know of too many other teenage girls during the 70's that decided to try pelt tanning. I guess I was different all along. LOL

Michael say he'll take care of the butchering, and I'm glad he's getting into hunting. I'm not good at that part of survival - too big a softy. I'd sit there apologizing over and over with tears in my eyes, I'm sure.

Seriously, is there any way I could buy cages from that guy? I've not seen prices like that anywhere else so far.