Monday, May 31, 2010


Picked the rest of the onions and the garlic from the garden. The garlic was planted at the wrong time of year and it was simply left over cloves from a store bought head that I didn't want to be wasted.

Onions are small too but very sweet.

Started beer sourdough today...should be ready in a week.

Ok I need help id'ing this bad bug. I know it is fuzzy. I believe it is a tobacco horned worm. I knew it was somewhere in the tomato patch because I saw the huge piles of caterpillar poo it was leaving behind.


Anonymous said...

Those look fabulous and I have no ideal about what to do with critters, but there is a video I just watched on Youtube about it, look up Growing Your on Youtube and he was talking about ways to naturally kill them using various bugs that will kill them.


Holy cow I found out that this bad boy is a tomato horn worm. Beautiful moth bot this baby will destroy your tomato crop in short order. Glad I caught him and I believe that I will be feeding him to the chickens. They will thank me I am sure.

Faith said...

Oh, yeah, that's a tomato hornworm.

We loved those!

Yup, the chickens make quite the sport of them. Toss them into the chicken yard.

It's a real treat, but they are so big that the chicken who gets it first can't eat it before the rest come after for a bite as well.

The next 2 minutes are like watching Chicken Football! LOL