Thursday, May 20, 2010


After a morning with a migraine, and an afternoon working from home, I finally got outside at about 7pm and took a walk around the land.

Came back with about 2 more cups of juicy blackberries which will be my dinner.

With a little milk and a little dirty fuzzy kitty, it will be a wonderful evening.

About a week ago a very dear friend gave me a good sized turkey! This past weekend I baked it and made two wonderful meals with my grand boys.

Today I reduced the broth and will make a very rich addition to tomorrow nights dinner of stir fry, de-boned the rest of the meat. In the refrigerator are 6 more meals for me, two bowls of kitty food (one is already gone), a half a cup of broth that would not fit into the jar but will be a good snack since dinner was only blackberries. And last but not least...the carcass made a wonderful meal for Bull


Faith said...

You have such a nice balance of outdoor and indoor work.

We have a lot of wild blackberries here, but we rarely get a big bowl of ripe juicy ones. Seems they are always bitter or shriveled or just gone. I rely on our cultivated ones which produce such great berries and no thorns. Actually, this cultivar comes from Texas. It was found, and the guy patented it, putting ownership on the cultivar.


JoyceAnn said...

Those blackberries look delish , looking forward to ours turning. It'll be next month before we get a taste of fresh blackberries.

~ Blessings ~


Faith some of ours are bitter and shriveled as well. The ones hiding under the tall grass are the ones that are sweet and huge.

Ok you just gave me something else I want to plant. It would be nice not to have a hand full of scratches.

JoyceAnn enjoy them. They don't last long do they?

tonight J and I walked around half of the property and picked enough new berries for blackberry pancakes in the morning.

Tonight is pizza night and dessert is blackberry ice cream.

Faith said...

Do some searches on the Doyle Thornless, which is what I have. Here's a review, comparing them to the Triple Crown.