Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had my grand boys last night and they got to "camp" in the living room on the hide-a-bed. They loved it. They went to work with me this morning and got picked up around 2.

When I got home it was 85 degrees outside...not hot but humid and I am not used to it. I decided to water my starts that the boys and I planted yesterday, and to turn the compost pile. The pile was started a couple of weeks ago simply with left over mulch and llama poo + water.

Today I pulled about half of it off the top of the pile, cleaned out the chicken house and added that, plus added 3 50 gallon bags of shredded paper + water. This was layered with the mulch/poo that I pulled off of the top ending with mulch and a tarp.

This will sit until I get home from vacation...around July 1. Then I will pull the whole thing down, add more poo and paper and water and restack.

By fall I hope to have enough compost to remix all my raised beds. I will remix the beds lightly in mid-late July when I start my fall garden.

I plan on having one bed full of turnips and carrots. These I plan on leaving in the bed to store. I will cover it with a thick layer of hay or straw to protect them from hard freezes.

Beds that I am not planting a fall bed in, will be fully remixed and covered with black plastic to protect from drenching rain which would leach out the nutrients.

Subject change:

Through The Survival Pod Cast Forum, I found DebtMD and keyed in my debt. They say that I can be debt free by 2013 and have my home paid off my 2016!! I am going to get together the details of my debt and put in accurate figures and find out how. I know that it is crazy that I am broke all the time but was overwhelmed and could not figure out how to do it.

I will post more about this later. Because if I don't get out of debt I will never be able to retire!!


Faith said...

I looked into a program like that. It involved altering the timing of your mortgage payments and doing something else with your money that made interest to apply toward the mortgage.

I tried to get my DH to do it, but he was not interested. We were supposed to be able to cut our years of debt down from 20 to 7, with the mortgage paid in full.

Let us know what you find out!


Anonymous said...

Thats great news. sounds like a plan.


I will for sure keep you all updated. It should take some amount of self discipline which with me only kicks in when I see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! childish I know!