Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ok so now I know that when using a drill...keep your fingers out of the way. I can tell you it is not fun drilling a hole in your finger. (ok it was not a drill bit it was a phillips head bit but it still hurt like heck....all I can do is hope that I washed it good enough and put enough neosporin on it to keep it from getting infected.

So since I am wounded and the pain is shooting all the way up to my elbow....I am going to take a break and until the ibuprofen kicks in.

Dakota and I were working on fixing the chicken roost when I got hurt. We took loose the roost and added legs and raised it flat. Peggys husband said that chickens prefer to sleep side by side instead of below other chickens. Because it is now high up they will need a way to get up so I cut some rungs, and drilled holes in them. Then I was screwing the wood rungs onto a board and the drill slipped.

So here in a little bit John will help me finish. We will round off the 1x1 perches with a knife. We will see if the girls and Studmuffin like it better.

Then I will (with a plastic bag taped over my finger) clean out the chicken house while John works on the compost pile.

It is about 40 degrees outside but wind is about 40mph!!!

Out front is a small tree and there was something around it that prevented me from mowing there So that was where John got started first. It took him and Jayden about an hour of digging and here is what they found. Also they found about 5 ft of a large tree root and stump. They dug and sawed and sawed and dug. Now maybe I can keep it mowed.

Then they took a break and he and Jayden worked on rails on the tree house.

Ok I will update later. I still have to go feed horses, go to buy The Sand Lot for the kids to watch tonight, and then come back and do laundry, dishes and clean the house.

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Faith said...

LOL You the drill, me the skill saw. Mine cost more than yours! ;)