Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok you know me by now. I need a list. Here is what I realistically wish to accomplish this weekend....

1. rent a 10 ft u-haul....with this I will go to Home Depot and buy...9 2x10s to build 3 more raised beds. Also because I don't have enough finished compost I will need to buy some bags of top soil, peat, sand and compost. I will get my helper before I do this to do the heavy lifting.

2. Buy one fruit tree or 4 grape vines and get my helper to plant them.

3. Bomb for bugs

4. clean the chicken house

5. clean my house

6. Sunday the family is coming over because that is my daughter in law's last day in town. She goes back to NC on Monday and takes the babies with her! :(

On the way back home with the lumber I want to stop and get the rest of the rabbit poo. While my helper is here I will have him spread out all the half finished comost, add water and pile it up high. Then start another pile with the new rabbit poo and the 2 bags of goat poo and some kitchen scraps.

But for tonight. I am drinking coffee, playing on the computer and will pick up the kitchen and living room, and go to bed. It is cold out. I will build a fire in the morning.


Patrice Farmer said...

Where do you get the energy? Does your coffee have guarana in it?-LOL!


LOL. Well I wish my check book matched my energy.