Sunday, February 22, 2009


My chicks are getting big. Look at the wing feathers.

And this fuzzy pic I took with my phone....this is the first fellow to fly up on the roost.

My sister came over and brought her Boston Terrier. His name is Stuey. He didn't chase the chickens but found them very curious and they found him terrifying. I am surprised I got two eggs today.

I am very excited. My grandkids who are visiting from NC have an uncle who is 12 years old who lives close to me. He is very strong and can dig holes lightning fast.

I hired him to come over and dig 6 holes and help me plant the blueberries.

Kailyn was supervising.

She decided to stir up the water with a stick.

After we got the blueberries in the ground we soaked newspaper in water and laid it around the bushes and in between also.

Then we covered the whole area with partially composted rabbit manure.

I sure hope they do well. I want at least 18 plants but maybe more. Blueberries freeze well and are very good for you. I bet I can can them too.

Then the kids played a little while on the tractor and on the swing. Off to McD's for some food and fun and then on home to the other grandma's house.

John is saving money to put a motor in an old truck by the time he is old enough to drive. I think I have enough work for him here to buy that motor by then.


Carol said...

Good luck with the blueberries. Through many different problems, our grant-funded blueberry trial (180 plants)was a failure here in east central OK. Since you are farther south, they should do fine.

Peggy said...

The grandchildren must be thrilled with the baby chicks! They are great for helping out .

ChristyACB said...

I only have a couple of blueberry bushes here in my urban/suburban lot in order to get practice with them. They are exceptionally tasty, but the birds think so too! :)

Patrice Farmer said...

Oh, I want blueberries. How nice is your area, your little chickies, your beautiful grandkids. You are a true grandma!!!


Holy did you find a grant for planting blueberries! I hope they do well too. With rabbit poo mulch, and then I will layer pine needles on top of that in a few days, If they don't survive, then I will pick different fruit.

Peggy I love your hair! Yep grands are wonderful helpers.

Christy that is something I have to plan on. The birds around here get everything that is good including rose hips!

Patrice, try them in pots. They have some cool dwarf varieties. Thank you. I am having fun.