Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Egg Layer?

My turn for a mystery egg. After I gathered 3 eggs after work, I was moving some piping closer to the garden in preparation to use as tomato poles, when I spotted an egg in the outside run.

This egg is almost white it is so light. Not small. I haven't had one this color before.

Also I turned off the heater, one heat light and the white light tonight in the chick house. It was over 80 because it was 80 outside today. When I turned off the white light the chicks instantly lay down and went to sleep. It was like group narcolepsy.

I took a peek at my grow box and this is what I saw.....

According to the Old Farmers Almanac I will be able to plant my tomatos on March 7 as the prime planting date per the moon cycle. The squash are not up yet but they will be out on March 26. I know I am late with snow peas but I will still give them a try. The sugar snap peas outside are doing ok but not as good as the snow peas in the box.

Right now I need to plant broccoli, lettuce, I MISSED THE POTATO DATE!! (kind of...I am still in the window), spinach, and swiss chard. I had better get after building new raised beds. I believe I need at least 5 more.

March 7 I will be planting tomatos, pumpkins, cucumbers, and beans.

It is dry so far this spring. That could change next week but I am going to get a run of gutter and some rain barrels and start collecting rain off of the hen house. I suspect a dry year. We will need to mulch heavily.


Patrice Farmer said...

Wow, those eggs are huge! Yeah its your turn for the mystery egg but thats great.

And I'm glad that grow box works cause I'm gonna build mine next month...I just need to know spring is on its way. Good job!


Patrice...I promise...spring is on it's way!!! lol

ChristyACB said...

Ah...the mystery egg!

I love the farmer's almanac too. Love to plant by those dates since I really do tend to get better results. Isn't that odd how that works?