Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Studs and Seeds!

Ok so I was trying for a cute title. I am so excited. My rooster is not gay!!! He finally figured out what the girls were for. But one of them...the little yellow hen Vanilla...sounds like she is being raped. Bless her.

Also....I got my seed starter box planted and plugged in.

I planted two rows of Beefmaster Hybrid, one row of Super boy 785, one row of Burpee Straight eight, one row of Roma VFN roma tomotos, one row of parsley, two rows of butternut squash, two rows of White Lisbon bunching onions, and two rows of Melting Sugar snow peas. I had hoped to start with heirloom seeds but my dad had a whole lot of left over seeds from his garden and they were free. Free is good.

The peas we planted outside are not doing well. I really hope the garden does well this year.

I have never had any luck with spinach. The leaves always stay small and sparse. This year I decided to try soaking them prior to planting. So I did and I planted one row outside today along with one row of white onion set. I better get after building more raised beds. If my tomato seeds do well I will need the room. If they don't, then later I will buy plants.

By gosh I am going to have a garden one way or another!


Patrice Farmer said...

I can't believe your weather is so good that you can plant now. But then again in Tennessee they would start planting in Feb. too. I envy weather like that!

ChristyACB said...

It is planting weekend here too! Going to transplant the early veggies out to the beds and am so excited also.

Does this mean you'll be hatching chicks soon?


Patrice! I say move south!!!

Christy, That is my hope. Either with a broody hen or an incubator. Cackle Hatcher frypan special is not very expensive. Only about .35 for each chick, but free is better!