Friday, February 13, 2009

More Vacation Pics

It sure is hard to say good bye to my Daddy! I know I will have fun in TX but I love my Daddy soooo much.

Mommy and Daddy are planning the garden.

My Mommy and Daddy let me have live loveys.

While Nanna and Neena were visiting I got to help them unpack all of the moving boxes.

I also got to help with the dishes. My Bubba wanted to know if he could wash his drill! He is such a guy!

We got to go on a trip to William and Peggy's house. We love to go there! I sure wish we could go more often.

Hi my name is Kailyn...wann be bff??


Patrice Farmer said...

What gorgeous little ones!!! I love her two ponytails! And washing his drill, that had me laughing!!!


They spent about an hour doing the dishes....and after I dried the floor it was sooo clean! lol

Faith said...

Those hugging photos are so precious!