Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I left work on time for a change and was home at 4:30! With a very stressful day behind me it was hard to let it go. The temp outside was 78 degrees and the birds around the house were in full song.

I cooked a little dinner, then went out and watered the snap peas. They are really growing. Then fed and watered the chicks and chickens.

Then I walked around and picked fresh grass until I had two big handfuls and dropped it in the chick pen, put up the screen front to the cage, turned over a bucket and just sat and watched the fun for about a half hour.

Chickie football is so much fun. And the sounds they make when they have a piece of grass in their mouth sounds just like "GET ME GET ME GET ME!"

Then I went to the store and found a really nice new shirt on clearance for $13 for work tomorrow.

Right now I have Peggy's blog up and hidden just so I can hear the frogs on top of the cricket sounds outside. Maybe it will make my froggies wake up.

I am really ready for spring but man I bet it will be hot here.


Carol said...

I am ready for spring also. It is supposed to be 74 degrees and even though I want to be outside all day, I will work on some quilt projects first. By 11 AM I will be ready to clean the chicken house, begin the landscape project around the pool, and repair the well house water pipes that busted during the last ice storm.
Let's enjoy every day left before 100 degrees hits us.


Amen sister!!! It's right around the corner.

Patrice Farmer said...

God I'm sick of snow. Its melting again and its getting lighter earlier and getting darker later so its coming...its been a long winter.

ChristyACB said...

Oh, I'm dreaming of Spring too! But once that 100+ with 99% humidity hits, I'll be wondering why I didn't just dream of keeping winter. :)