Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well I am back from vacation and am running on shear will power at this point since I have been up since 3am.

The flight to Fayetteville NC was uneventful. (thank goodness) and my daughter in law Karri picked us up and took us to get the grand kids at day care. They both ran into our arms like they had just seen us that morning. The kids moved in to a new off base house last weekend. What a cute place they have.

Fence yard, brick home, 1/2 acre lot of sandy loam and full of huge pine trees. Close to work too. There were lots of us staying in that home though with only 1 bathroom. Well we all know more about each other now than when we got there!
Our first morning there we woke up to 2 inches of snow!!! That was completly unexpected. I never thought to check with William and Peggy to find out what their weather turkey said.

They have a wonderful Walker Hound who loves those little kids like they are her family (which of course they are) and a solid black 6 month old kitten who lets my grand son carry her around and plays in his room with him. She is even patient with my grand daughter who is a little rough since she is only 1.5 yrs old.

Sunday we got to go over and visit with William and Peggy. I will post more about that tomorrow.


Patrice Farmer said...

Glad your back...now tell us about this weather turkey-lol! And I hope you enjoyed the snow and your grandkids!

Juli said...

Tracy ! I'm so glad you made it back and so happy to got to spend time with family and meet Peggy and William !!

The teas are running late tho hopefully they'll be there today. I got mixed up on the date and for some reason was thinking to send them on the 10th.

I sent them priority when i realized so they should be there soon.

Rest well and post more pictures when you can :)

Do you not have a button so I can add your blog to my favorites ?

Peggy said...

Welcome back, I see you did not take things too easy on the 'holiday' either.It is great to spend time with family, friends and especially grnadchildren.


Well with the storms I put in a 12 hour day and didn't get home til 9:45. Patrice, Hidden Haven has a weather turkey. http://hiddenhavenhomestead.blogspot.com/2008/10/fred-weather-turkey.html I got to meet him twice. He is getting ready to take a 2nd wife. Juli, I sure wish you had called me. i would have told you not to spend the extra money, but thank you! Because I got them today. I am sitting here drinking a cup of Resurrection Tea.

Thank you Peggy. I will try to post more pics tomorrow. I just love the conversation pictures with my little grand daughter and a little goat. Also the big helecopters on the base.