Monday, February 16, 2009


Just a note before I move to the topic today....I got 5 eggs today. 3 green and 2 brown. That brings a total to 77 eggs. I am really impressed with these 7 hens. I don't know what 2 are not laying yet but I figure soon I will be getting 7 a day. At 77 eggs...divided by 12 (in a dozen) times $3 (the cost of local organic eggs) this pays for 2 hens. Keep up the good work girls.
Counsins/grand babies. What an evening. Tonight I had all 4 of my grand babies. This was so much fun. I wish you could have seen the little girl who is just over 1.5 yrs old...trying to keep up with her bubba and her big cousins. There was not a thing she didn't want to try. Now and then she would glance at her Neena just to make sure I wasn't going to tell her no.

First the boys had to crawl up in the dirty turkey pen and peek at the baby chicks through the window.

Then Neena had to get out just one to be held and loved on.

J took special pains to make sure that little Kailyn got to give the little chickie a kiss without squishing it.

Then off to the tree house they all ran....with little Kailyn trailing behind. He legs just couldn't keep up but that didn't keep her from following.

Kailyn found a treasure of her very own. A lonely little duck.

Jayden had to show everyone how he could get out of the tree house the hard way.

This is the hot wheels ramp where lots of races are won.

And then off to the chicken house where a different kind of treasure awaited. Brown and green eggs...5 of them! They boys each had to take one in and put them in the refrig.

Then after all of that climbing jumping and running, we all sat on the swing out front to eat crackers and orange juice.

Of course they had to climb the poor Ret Tipped Photenia...I keep hoping that tree will die so I can put it out of it's misery. It is the "kid tree" gets climbed in and peed on on a regular basis...yet is survives...

Then the big adventure began....

Jayden was driving the tour bus and it left for Africa.....over in Africa (the orchard) we saw (pretend) Giraffe's, lions, cobras, maned wolfs, huge bats and a very fast cheetah. We didn't think we would make it back in one piece.

Then with Dakota driving (a little rough start....

and help from a big brother) off we went to Alaska....there we encountered grizzly bears, and heavy snow. We had to get the help of 3 sled dogs to dig ourselves out. Then we came across a lost cobra and had to get him back to Africa where it was warm. While there they decided to see who could run as fast as a cheetah. Jayden said he won, Lane said that he ran fastest. I forgot to keep score.

At this point everyone was tired and very hungry. So off we went to hunt Buffalo (Buffalo Wild Wings that is). With huge trays of twisted chicken, pizza triangles drinks and of course a slice of chocolate cake and ice cream to was fun.
Kailyn wanted salsa on her chips. So I dipped just a tip in and she loved it. She wanted more. On the third chip the heat snuck up on her and she said "Hot!" and proceeded to blow on the chips before she ate them.

She loved seeing aunt Heather and it was a treat for the boys to see their mom at work.

Then we had to take the big boys home to a warm bath and bed. On the way to take the little ones back, my sister called and she wanted to see them. So we stopped off there so that Lane and Kailyn could play the drums, play with the yoga ball, play with the bull dog Stuey, pull all the dogs toys out and climb in the dog box.

More pics tomorrow!


Peggy said...

What a great place for the kids to play in not to mention Neena!This is what you had in mind when you bought the place? Well done on the egg production ,it must be great to go out to collect from your own chicks.

ChristyACB said...

That is just plain adorable!

Patrice Farmer said...

What cuties are they! You're really doing it, you should be very proud!


Peggy having chickens is like christmas every day. and yes it is a great place for the kids to play. i wish i could spend more time at home!

Thanks christy.

patrice i am trying! I am trying to develop an attitude where "I can't" just isn't an option! Still working on that one.