Sunday, March 7, 2010


Am I the only one who has a treasure collection? Until today I kept mine on one shelf behind my recliner where I use my computer. But it has grown too big.

Today I decided to move them into an empty corner cabinet in my room. The process of rearanging them will be tedious but fun. Each item will have it's special place but I won't know where it is until it gets there. It is only partially filled.

When I look at my collection I am amazed that it is so eclectic. There are as many reasons that each item is special as there are items.

Pictures of my family are a given. They make me either smile or cry. My Little Ponys...well how can they not be special? Hotwheels...just because they are cool.

Then there are the tons of treasures found by my grand children right here on the farm. To some they may simply be a piece of old broken glass, but not to a 6 year old boy. A hand made lariat made by a man I used to love long ago. A very old knife, a hatchet that really belongs to my dad, hundreds of stone and bones.

I hope you give your collection a cool display area and not just a shoe box. It deserves to be seen and gently exposes part of who you are.


Leasmom said...

I've got treasures everywhere. My most priced things are in my moms storage until we go rescue them next month with a trip up to Michigan. But other than that, the only other treasures I have our photos and movies and they are all of the place. Gotta get them more organized-lol.


I hear you. Now I am out of room in the new shelf though. don't know what to do now. have fun on your trip up. are you still blogging?