Monday, March 29, 2010

80 degrees F tomorrow!

This gives me spring fever bad. I am going to Home Depot at lunch today and getting the 3 t posts I need to finish the chicken yard, and I might pick up the lumber to do one more bed...a 2x10 foot bed along the fence that I will be planting cucumbers in. I have enough dirt to fill it left over.

After work what I hope to accomplish is to unload the remaining bags of mulch and spread them, build the box and fill it. Fill the additional cedar planter and one clay pot and get them ready for planting. I hope I have enough light.


Anonymous said...

We keep going back and forth in weather. I thought it was gonna snow again the other day and it isn't pleasant looking outside either today. This weather has gotten to me this entire season. I move down south excited to be back to Southern temps and we got Northern temps instead!


I hear you frugal. I want my Texas back