Monday, March 29, 2010


I went to my favorite little nursery very close to work.....just to get 2...only 2 flowers to plant in the cedar box next to the sweet bay tree.

It didn't work. When I pulled up there was a huge pallet full of large fruit and nut trees and grapes marked 50% off!!! I did a quick calculation and thought about the fact that it is the wrong time of year to plant trees in TX and then went and talked to the manager. I asked him if I buy the hole lot, will he give me more off. Yes he would and gave me an additional 10%!

So here is what my truck looked like after this trip!

I called John and he did most of the labor intensive work because I am not fully recovered from this weekend. Most were root bound and starting to bud and one was in full leaf.

I got 3 very large pecan trees, 2 persimmons, 1 muscadine, 1 thompson seedless, and 10 (forget the name) something like english black. It is a large sweet dark purple grape.

I feel as if I hit the lottery!

Bull felt as if he could help John by giving kisses and staring at him.

Now I really do have an orchard. As there are many levels of plants (very tall pecans and walnuts, full sized granny smiths, semi dwarf Arkansas Black apples, Persimmons and then down lower grapes, I have begun not only my orchard but layers of permaculture. I am also adding trees that will be productive for years or even decades.

In the far front...where the 3 large black buckets are is where I planted the pecans. I know I took a better picture than this but I can't find it.

Granny Smiths in the middle surrounded by arkansas black apples on the right and asian pears on the left (next year)

The muscadine went on one of the front yard fences and the thompson seedless which was over 6 foot tall, went on the east side of the garden fencing.

And yes I had an egg eater.


granny said...

You sure did get a bargain! Well done :0)
You are working like a crazy woman,lol.Must be spring fever!
We are settling into beautiful Autumn weather here,Down Under,still lots to do in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Nice find! The orchard looks great!


Granny I keep forgetting I am a granny too and I work like I am 20 and then feel like I am 90 for a week! There has to be a way to make me work like my age! lol Spisblog thank you very much!