Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's here!!! My new Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer! wooohoooo Now I will read the recipe books that came with it and plan my garden accordingly. I want to be able to walk out my back door, pick fresh veggies, walk inside, wash it and stick it in the juicer. What amazingly alive juice that will be.

When I got home I changed clothes, got my work gloves, wire cutters and tools and staples and headed to the new chicken yard. Tonight I put up the wire fence and finished the chicken yard. Tomorrow my chickens will be able to go outside into the new yard. Lets see if they are still in the yard when I come home. Let's face it though. I am as bad at fencing as I am at painting.

I think the best part of the evening right when the sun got close to the horizon. One thing my dad did for me this weekend was to put up my two bird houses. They are both mounted in the chicken yard next to the rear garden. He said that the blue birds would like to be near my garden.

Here they are and guess what flew out of the western style house!!! A male eastern blue bird and the Mrs was on the fence next to the house. This is so totally wonderful.

It was an amazing evening. I wore shorts and a t shirt for the first time in months. I was leaning on the hot tub watching a huge variety of bird flying playing and eating in my front yard. It was very cool.

I waterd the muscadines and the thompson seedless. But didn't have any more energy to finish planting the rest of the grapes. Maybe tomorrow.

Come on Aleve!!!


Faith said...

What a great day you had!

My first juicer was the very same one you have. More compost, or more bits for soups and stews. If you've got a dehydrator, you can dry some of the pulp for use later.

I've even made crackers out of the pulp, though you need a glue of sorts. You can soak flax seed in water for a while, then mix it with the veggies and have veggie flax seed crackers.

Lots of fun stuff.

We've got to do fencing this week as well. It's a big job this time!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I need another juicer! The one I got was free and it scared me to death, so I gave it away. I miss juicing!


Faith what great ideas!!! Other than feeding my earthworms I had not thought of any of those. Thank you!

Frugalgravy I agree. I am very excited!