Saturday, March 20, 2010


Spring is such a tease. Here it was 60-70 degrees F for two weeks and now it is blowing hard outside and the radar shows a strip of ice and snow moving like a freight train into the DFW metroplex. It has been such a winter. Maybe this will be the last blow?

I don't have to be to work altogether early tomorrow so everyone got fed as soon as I got home, I am not snuggled up with a kitty smelling the most amazing coffee brewing in the kitchen.

A wonderful co-worker brought me a jar of honey from hives that his father has on his land. Look at how rich and dark this honey is. The taste is amazing...nothing like around here. The local honey is good but ....."weak"?

The left is local...the right is the new honey..This honey is rich and very robust. I need to find out what he grows so that I can make sure I have it here when I decide to invest in a hive.

Stay warm to all...and dream of warm dirt and growing things

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