Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok lets see what I did not accomplish:

9. Mount my new hose holders
11. Cross fingers when starting the tractor
12. With tractor and trailer move the rest of the fire wood and stack by the chicken house
13. with tractor pick up all the winter debris that needs to go on the burn pile
14. Mow?
17. clean off front porch and make it pretty
18. mount my western tool thingys out front

But here is what it looks like right now. Still a major work in progress. I know if you do plastic it should be black but this is what I have so I am using it to help control weeds initially. I know it will deteriorate and I will continue to use mulch.

The tomatos are planted with rock phosphate that is sprayed with molassas to promote root and blossum growth. Everything is watered with compost tea.

See the little cedar planter? I found that today at a great little nursery for half off! So I bought 2 and might go tomorrow at lunch and by the rest. I can always use these. This one is planted with a Sweet Bay...the tree/bush that gives you bay leaves! I am very excited about this as I use many bay leaves to keep weevils out of flour and rice.

I still have 10 bags of mulch to unload from the truck as well as 3 bags of compost mix. But I just don't have anything left. I can't wait though to get the rest of the mulch down.

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