Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This morning when I went out to check on the worms, the temp outiside was 27 degrees F. This is no big deal for worms. But when I lifted the lid of the hot tub, the steam rolled out!

Ok I am a pro at compost...or so I thought. I know it heats up. Well heat up it did and this is not good for the worms.

But I had to wait all day til I got done with worm and cubscouts.

J came to spend the night with me and he helped me fix up an alternative "worm condo".

Blue rubber maid box with old shipping paper, chicken food, wet news print etc.

I don't know how many I lost if any but I feel that I saved most of them. For now until the compost cools a little, they will live the life of elite worms indoors.


Anonymous said...

I've got my earthworms in a bin like that inside the house in my kitchen. They're doing well. Hope they'll be okay!


thank you frugal. I do too very much