Monday, February 22, 2010


Family reunion is in Kentucky this year. I can't wait because I missed last year because I wanted to stay with my sister and her son.

This year I get to take my two oldest grand children! I am hoping that my son and his wife and kids will be able to meet us there also.

I want to take this chance to teach my grand sons a good lesson about money. I want them to know the pride of saving money for vacation. We have lost this most of the time as we use credit cards so much.

So we began a vacation fund. My oldest, J, had been given $5 allowance that day. He stuffed it proudly into the jar. He went on a treasure hunt. He found every coin in every drawer in the house.

On the front we are tracking the money on a sheet of paper that is rubber banded to the jar.

I can't wait to see how this helps them understand money.

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Leasmom said...

Good for you, we keep dipping into ours!