Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am going to list several things that I simply want to keep track of that may not be interesting to you.

1. As you can see from the prior post I am teaching my grand son how to tan a deer hide. After that conversation in the truck we were discussing (feeling my car seats) that hopefully the deer hide will be like that...leather. I told him that this was cow skin but it would be similar. That graduated to talking about the slaughter of cows and how each body part is used. All the way to the intestines (yucky face from grand son). I told him how they are washed out very well and then used to make sausage and hot dogs; Grandson "I have been eating intestines!!! I will never eat a hot dog again as long as I live.....except for dinner."

2. Last nights dream: I was a doctor in a weird sprawling hospital. There was something weird going on because it started off with me in a room holding a mans intestines (see a link?). Then we were walking down large concrete steps from the building and walked across the complex and it was dusk and we were going to a park area where there were lots of people like a party. I was confronted by several mean looking men 1 at a time asking me to fabricate the cause of death of the man whose intestines I had been holding (in my mind I had no clue what he had died of). I kept mingling through the crowd watching people laugh and drink when I got to the end of the group by a large chain link fence. One of the men was there with several friends. One had a heavy chain in his hand and at the end of the chain was a huge pit bull. He told me again that I needed to forget what had caused the death of that man. They shoved me against the fence and I fell onto my hands and knees. The pit ran to me and shoved his face against my cheek and was breathing hot breath on me and snarling and growling right in my ear. All I could think of to do was to remain quiet and still. It went on for ever and the dog finally pulled away but I could still hear the growling...I slowly turned and saw a little puppy that looked like Bull play growling and behind him were about 20 puppies and the sun was shining and several women were sitting around in frilly dresses sipping lemonade. The motioned to come and join the party. I did and just before I woke up one of the old women in a white frilly dress whispered, "You need to forget what killed him."

I am drinking coffee trying to get my mind ready for work. I have my grandson still and will be taking him to work with me. I can hear the rain dripping outside and don't look forward to getting out in the mud


Sissy said...

Oh, PA, and i thought my dreams were vivid and real lifelife.

btw, I GOT kombucha tea "finally" going but its very vinegry. I wonder.


I have never had finished kombucha so I don't know what it tastes like. I may get on you tube and see if there is a video;

phoneman said...

Sounds like you have been reading to many books, its bleeding over into your dreams. hope you feel better.

Sissy said...

First batch of kombucha mixed half and half with spring water is delicious or it could be diluted with any juice I would think. sorry I'm off subject of this post.