Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is the worst year for illness. I have had 3 bad colds so far. I am babying myself today. I want this gone. But it was 50 degrees outside and I could not stay in all day. I took a half hour and went out and planted 3 Arkansas Black apple trees and 1 Walnut tree and mulched them with rabbit poo.

I am very excited. I am being given 3 pedigree Lion Head rabbits for my grandkids. I will keep these in the house but will use the manure in my new kitchen garden.

On that...I haven't told you my plans for my back yard. The back porch is small and there is room on each side that I plan on turning into a kitchen garden. Rather than put in a garden in the far back where I have it now, if it is right by the back door it will be easier to maintain. More on that at a later date.

Also, I have a dump truck of gravel being delivered on Sat. I can't afford to have it spread and will have to do it myself. That will take time but will be good exercise don't you think? Thank goodness for Advil.

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