Monday, February 8, 2010


Have I said lately that I hate mud????

I leave my office in the corporate world but before I do I go to the bathroom and put on my mud boots. I know what I have waiting for me at home because I have been watching the downpour all day out the window.

Of course I waited until it is cold and wet to go get chicken food. So with the hen house entry under ankle deep water I have to unload 100 pounds of chicken food into the container.

Now mind you I have on mud boots but the thought of wading around in angle deep liquid chicken poo isn't my idea of a fun evening.

So I took old lumber and laid it out in the water to make a plank walk way. It worked great.

I also bought another hanging feeder to fill up and leave out in the entry part for the guineas. They get up much earlier than the chickens do.

Cold weather is here again. In the 20s at night but getting up in the high 30s to low 40s in the day time. Rain today and snow on Thursday though.

I got new bedding to fill the nest boxes but lost my day light. I will have to do that on Wed or Thursday.

Tomorrow is my earthworm composting class. I am very excited. My dad is going with me! I will post what I learn.

For now everyone is fed and watered and I am in my jammies.

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