Thursday, February 18, 2010


The trees arrived today. 1 Walnut and 3 Arkansas Black Apples. They are small and it will be many years before they produce. They will be hand fed rabbit poo compost and worm castings and when the geese and ducks arrive water from their pools.

So maybe it won't take long.

Also I have my oldest again tonight and probably tomorrow also. Tonight it was time to cook dinner and he asked me if he could cook us his "famous" potatos and chicken. I asked if he needed help and he said no and that we were not allowed in the kitchen. At all!

He cooked 3 potatos in the microwave after washing them. He put butter and canned chicken on them. Then made his mom and chicken and mayo sandwich with milk and ice cream for dessert! He is only 8 years old!!!

This was very cool.

Before that he filled a pot with potting soil and planted it with 5 kinds of lettuce.

Then he helped me drag the old boxes and trash to the burn barrel and watched with me to make sure that it was safe. Each time fire fell to the ground, he would get dirt and throw it on the fire until it was out.

We listed to the bull frogs that woke up today because we have had several days of warm weather.

We picked up all of the things in the front yard that Bull had torn up.

All of this after he had sat and done an hour of homework drinking Nanna's wonderful hot cocoa.

Now he is snuggled up with his favorite person in the world. His momma.

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