Saturday, February 13, 2010


24 hours without power and it was 30 degrees outside and in; I mounted quilts on the two entrances to the living room and built a fire in the wood burning stove. I slept in the living room.

The power company finally called me about 2:30 am last night to tell me that they were in my area.

What a pain in the neck; I cooked in a dutch oven on the front porch, I built a snow man, and I did a few chores outside. But for the most part I stayed inside bored to tears.

I did my budget, I read seed catalogs, etc. I need to work on many things this year to prep for this when it happens again.


Peggy said...

Beautiful pictures Tracy! Glad you got some snow but sorry about your power. Ours was off last snow for couple of days and I loved it. Played in the snow with the grands, cooked on the woodstove in Megan's livingroom and used the camper stove. We used the camping lanterns for light and they were bright enough to read by and play card games.

Sissy said...

This winter' weather is just amazing end in sight, it appears for we had at least 12 in. beyond my door and now it is falling again. Did you find my question re:kombucha?

JoyceAnn said...

Your pics look beautiful , glad your power is back on. We lost power the other night due to high winds , it was out 12 hours , thankfully we have a kereosene heater that kept us warm . Love your snow boots (LOL) !

~ Many Blessings ~


Peggy you make me laugh; My grand kids would have loved it but their mommy disagreed and would not bring them over because the house was too cold. lol

Sissy I might have missed it if I didn't answer it on the same post. can you post it again?

JoyceAnn I believe some camp stoves and another form of heat might need to be thought of.