Monday, September 20, 2010


Dug up my amazing pepper plants and potted them; did you know that you can over winter these inside and put them back out next year to continue producing peppers? So far only two are repotted. 3 basil plants, 2 pretty vines moved out front on the South side of the house to get morning sun and away from N winds.

Yes I know it is 94 outside today....but I promise...fall is just around the corner.

Yet to do:
1. repot the 5 more pepper plants
2. pull up the watermelon
3. Plant lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, more broccoli, and the rest of my fall crop
4. Add more wood to a few of my raised beds to make them deeper
5. Fill the strawberry bed and order strawberries
6. Pick up a truck load of mulch, pull the weeds around the newer trees, water and mulch
7. Try to catch some of the guineas and find them a new home (little digging devils)
8. fill up the holes the guineas have dug everywhere
9. replant the little plants the guineas dug up
10. power wash the new deck where the guineas pooped huge piles while they sleep in the tree above
11. finish mowing (maybe the last time?)
12. Clean and prep the brooder house (QUICK! BABIES ARRIVE 9-24-10)
13. prep fire starting matrials in water proof boxes on the porch;
14. build a temporary wood storage rack to be used when the weather goes below freezing.


Faith said...

I did know that, and I'm considering doing it. I went out and tried taking some cuttings today from them. I don't know how successful it will be, but if it works, I won't have to ever buy plants again, if I get into the habit.

I'm making lists again, hoping to be better prepared for next year. Yours looks outstanding. Very productive!



I watched a video on The Survival Podcast and Jack is getting ready to move from Arlington TX to his land in AR. He wants to take as much as possible from his garden. So he is gathering seed from everything he can, transplanting everything he can into pots. I am starting to look around at wild plants like lambs quarters and amaranth and will be gathering seed to wild sew in my field.

Yep add that to my to do list!

Faith said...

The wild amaranth here is a horrible weed. I know the good properties of it, but it runs rampant!

I haven't got too much lambs quarters these days. The place where it used to grow, being such poor soil, seems to be changing.

From TX to AR? From conservative to liberal?


Sissy said...

Hi, Thanks for the information to repot pepper plants. I never would have thought. duh! Now I can keep harvesting. Yay.