Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am home with a migraine today and before I try to turn on my work computer (still can't see well) I thought I would practice cooking rabbit.

My rabbit breeder gave me three dressed frozen rabbits to practice cooking.

The first rabbit..the smallest one...I baked in the oven in my iron skillet covered with foil. I did this so that I could truly taste what rabbit meat tastes like. It was really amazing. Sweet and not stringy.

Today I cut up the medium rabbit and made hassenfeffer marinade and the meat is now soaking in that in the fridge. Tonight I will make hassenfeffer for dinner.

The large rabbit is now slow cooking and will be deboned tonight and put in canning jars with the rabbit broth and canned for later use. I will also be canning the chicken broth from last week.

The book that comes with the Presto pressure canner has a ton of recipes. I think this might be my favorite most used cooking utensil.

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