Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well most of the weekend I have worked from home. I have 2 of my grand kids and we haven't done anything amazingly fun.

My oldest and I just replanted some basil rootings. I am sure this was very fun for him.

We have many chores which need to be done but other than dishes and watering trees, they probably won't get done.

Officially I am off work until Tuesday morning at 7am. Here is how I will relax:

1. Read!
2. Watch the boys play video games
3. Pull out the rest of my watermelon and cucumber plants and ready the beds for the rest of the fall planting
4. Pick up trash
5. Clean off the front porch (this will be an every day thing until the sycamore tree is leafless
6. Drink coffee and watch the birds
7. Read some more

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Faith said...

That sounds so peaceful and relaxing.