Friday, September 24, 2010

New Babies-9/24-10/29/10

Five weeks from today, these will fill my freezer and my shelves.


Faith said...

They are so delicious, I mean cute. :o)

Are they cornish rocks again?

Did you happen to do a cost sheet that showed how much you ended up paying per pound of meat? I'd be interested in knowing, if you did. :o)



lol Faith right there with you. When my family tries to make me feel guilty I say "But they are soooo juicy!" Yes I am very happy with the cornish cross. On one of the forums I watch a man said they are a cross between a white rock hen and a standard sized cornish rooster (or maybe the other way around?)
Each bird cost 1.64 incl shipping
I bought 100# of feed 15.00
.30 per bird
I might have to buy one more bag
So maybe .15 more per bird
2.09 per bird to slaughter weight
I don't really count water
4 # bird dressed out to 3#
.70 per pound right? Even if they ate double what I expect it won't be more than 1.00/#.
Here organic chicken goes for 4.99/# at the grocery
Not a bad conversion