Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tomorrow will be my little chicks 7 day birthday. Doesn't sound like much except when your little life is only 5 weeks old.

Tomorrow begins a new day in the lives of meat chickens. Because they are fed a high protien food like turkey poults, their food must be restricted for 12 hours per day. If you don't do this you will see that their body cavities fill up with fluid. This fluid will cause them to have heart failure.

Tomorrow also starts something bad: they will start to hate me when I remove their food each night....then they will attack me when I go to put the food back in at 5:30am each morning. (I hate this part)

Grand boys came to stay the night tonight; 2.5 hours of homework. (I had forgotten) Then I discovered that grand boys LOVE my new Swiffer duster and my new Swiffer dust mop....ok I am not opposed to child labor to an extent.


Faith said...

So for these guys, a 12 hour period is a human year.

No wonder they are attacking you for food. These are hungry 14 year old boys.

You can mop with children too. Wrap them in in damp towels and let them Indian wrestle on the floors, or play a game of curling with the younger tots. Every has fun, the floor is clean. A win-win situation. LOL



Wow good point; I think with the next batch I might lower the protein and see how they grow. Maybe I can avoid that;

Yep they were shocked at the new floors and had to try ice skating first, then break dancing....all of that got some of the dust up. I video taped it but can't figure out how to post them;

Peggy said...

We are going to be butchering rabbits in a couple weeks. I think that will be easier than chickens but I envy all the meat from yours. Love your new floors!!


I don't suppose peggy that you can email me with the details of how you do your butchering could you? I am still learning.

Faith said...

Uh-oh. I was making a joke, not a point. I should have put LOL after the sentence. LOL :oP

Did I have a good point unawares???

I would love to see another tutorial on rabbit butchering as well. Michael and I hope to do this eventually. If you ever post one, Peggy, I'm anxious to see it.



Backyard Food productions sells 1 video. I have watched this thing about 10 times and to me it never gets old. She shows you a way to kill and butcher a rabbit all the way through as well as other things you can do with your farm; She is the only one I have seen butcher rabbits though. I would like to get some perspective.