Monday, September 28, 2009


My mom called me today. She was laughing so hard she could hardly tell me this story.

They live in the city of Rowlett TX. A neighbor 2 doors down apparently had 5 laying hens that he keeps in his back yard. We have all heard that some cities are going back to allowing their residents to keep a small flock and this is one of those cities.

Unfortunatly one hen escaped as all sneaky hens do now and then. She made her way down with the cardinals and the blue jays to my fathers bird feeder and bird bath.

Dad comes from a farming back ground. His mom raised laying hens in Matewan WV and sold chickens and eggs to the local store.

Well he was tickled pink and so was mom when they saw her. The owner heard them talking and making chicken noises and so the elderly man came down and knocked on the gate. Dad let him in and mom went back inside to let the menfolk talk.

There they sat...on the outside bench forming a plan. How to catch that chicken. Each being in his 80's meant it would take a lot of thought and discussion.

Finally they took action. (here is where mom started laughing so hard she could barely speak) She told me about these two old men trying everything they could think of including a ladder up in the tree where she attempted to take catch this little sneaky hen.

They finally gave up, shook hands and parted company to try another day. Later Dad was standing in the alley....and down the alley was the other two gun fighters. In between was the hen....they eyeballed each other wondering if they had the energy to try again when she made the decision for them.

She turned her tail on my dad, and walked back to her gate and looked up at her owner as if to say, "Well, what are you waiting for. I am hungry. Let me in." which he did. He waved at my dad and followed her in.

I knew you guys would really enjoy this as much as I did.


Peggy said...

what a great story to think about today as I go about my business. LOL

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I LOVE this story! My chickens are a hoot and a holler...always good for a laugh. I love the fact that many cities are allowing a small flock of hens in. Kudos to those who are willing to give country living a chance to exist inside the city!


Yep peggy I have retold the story and it still makes me laugh.

I would love to see all cities allow small flocks.

Faith said...

Aw, cute story. I love old men and their antics. Most of them are still little boys at heart, loving adventure.

I'm with Cyn, I'm so glad this is becoming more common. I'd love to see people move out of the cities and get back to real living.