Saturday, September 19, 2009


What a very cool day. I slept late...almost until 8! I got up and soon heard little feet come trotting down the hall with a declaration of hunger. French toast and spam for breakfast this morning.

Then we all just hung out, the kids played, my daughter and I talked (trivial stuff--nothing deep as wounds are still new), then she left for work and the boys and I headed to the Boy Scout store. I love this store even though it is very expensive. While there we got the boys den number patches to attach to their uniforms, and guess what nanna found???? I am so excited about this chair. It fits is tall so I don't have to hurt myself trying to get out and it has a foot rest!

After that we went to the store and got a fruit and veggie tray to take to my sisters. Today is the day she got baptized. We all cried because she was the first. I know that she wished more than anything that Michael was there with her...he would have been very proud of her.

The grand boys waited with anticipation for her to come out of the swimming pool...they were polite and waited for her to get her hugs...then they asked if they could please go swimming. She laughed and said yes and off they went. They swam for 2 hours while we ate great food.

Then went to feed horses and then home. Tonights dinner was the home made BBQ beef using Rudys BBQ sauce from Austin TX. I have to go back because my oldest ate his in 3 bites!

Then we had Blue Bell Chocolate brownie overload sundaes made with Hersheys syrup...and yes this was too much chocolate even for me but not my grand boys. When they were done they brushed their teeth, then we read about The Emporers New Clothes and we laughed and laughed, then big hugs and kisses and I don't think they remember their heads hitting the pillow.

What a nice day. Now I am typing this with a warm kitty happy feeting my shoulder and purring in my ear.


Faith said...

I did not know your and your sweet DD had reconciled. Did I miss the post about it?

I'm so very happy for you both! xoxo

What a lot of nice things for you this weekend. Beautiful!



She made the first steps Faith. I was more stubborn. I didn't post about it. But I will stop enabling. She won't be living with me any more. I told her though that if she was not comfortable taking the boys where she is not living she could come here on the weekends. I am glad she is. Thank you!!