Friday, October 31, 2008


I am sitting here drained after paying bills. How would it feel not to have to pay out this money every payday?

Thank goodness for payday though. I paid off 2 credit cards today. And paid a large bit toward the last two.

I can't wait until those two are paid off. Of course there is always something else to buy around the corner.

Here is what I have to save for:

1. king sized mattress (aprox 600)
2. Home depot barn/shop with a loft (aprox 3500)
3. New front porch (might have to sell Bull)
4. Expansion of the master bed and bath...gonna add 8ft or so to the front of the house. (Ok I might need a contractor for a boyfriend!)
5. A deeper cleaned out pond......don't even want to think about this cost.

I keep asking I really need a king sized mattress...(yep)
do I really need a shop from Home Depot? (yep right now my tools are in the house, my current shop leaks bad, and my stuff is in storage 35 miles away and it needs to come home.
do I really need a new front porch? (ok no I don't....but it sure would be nice)
do I really need a bigger bedroom and bathroom? (no I don't need that either but if I had a boyfriend who was a contractor, negotiation could be fun!!)

At some point my self control will catch up with me and I will start to really save for retirement. I have simplified my life before to the point of living in a camper for 2 years. I know that I can do it again. Not the camper thing unless I have to....but just live simply
Food from the garden/pantry
Eggs from the hen house if the hens feel so inclined today...
Dandelion greens from the orchard....
One day fruit from the orchard.....
And who from my pond?

But until then, I need to get better at simplifying what I can.

Time for a garage sale!

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