Sunday, October 5, 2008


Finally someone who knows how to build and needs a little country time!

I love friends who don't mind giving of themselves when I know how tired they are.

This is my friend Rick. He is just as tired as I am because he works the same hours I do right now. (only he does this all the time!)

He knows how to build stuff and I helped him build the wall for my chicken house

We ran out of light about the time we realized that I needed to dig a trench in the floor for the wall to fit right. So the wall was leaning til today.

Tonight I got off work after only 10 hours and while it was till dark. So I mowed and then dug the trench with a little help of a few new tools.

So far here we are. Just a little more work and it will be ready.


Ron said...

Do I smell Fried Chicken yet? Looks great!


not quite but very very close!

Faith said...

Good friends how are there when you need them. Thank you, God.